Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Retail Innovation : Ikea's Digital Catalog

Retail Innovation : Ikea's Digital Catalog

Retail brands are evolving at a huge rate and brands are now embracing new digital concepts to help connect better with the consumers. With the catalogs getting digital, they begin to serve as branded content hubs for retailers. Augmented reality, X-ray vision and videos allow consumers to watch the Ikea products come live on their gadgets or computer screens. 
Ikea strategically shifted from outbound marketing practices to inbound marketing with the new catalog aiming at better engagement with the consumer by creating two-way conversations. This digitization also helped Ikea to cut costs and think imaginatively. The life of catalog at the consumers' homes has increased because the content in the catalog could be updated regularly, making it relevant year-round. Moreover, the digitization helped in reusing the photos to design entire sets with different shades of wood to suit different customer choices, without having to setting up for new photoshoots. This is indeed an innovative use of technology and might soon be implemented by many others.

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