Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Organizational Leadership, Giving a Sheetz about it.

But who doesn't?
I have a confession. I love Sheetz. And fortunately for me, they are expanding.

This affair started three summers ago when I wanted to prove my newly-acquired bike riding skills and biked from Pittsburgh to Washington, DC. In those six sweaty, dirty, long days Sheetz became a beacon of cleanliness, Made-to-Order food, and free ATMs. They had branches in all the small towns along the trail and a Sheetz meant a real bathroom and a donut, two items that are scarce along the trail.

Since those early days of our relationship, I've come to appreciate their cheap gas prices and the reliability and consistency of their brand. Sheetz mission is to "provide fast, friendly service and quality products in clean and convenient locations." But this Altoona, PA  company states that their mission is not a static thing. They need to "reinvent ourselves and bring innovation to our industry."[1]  That sounds like strategy.

Joe S. Sheetz, the future President and CEO of Sheetz Inc.
In 2011 Sheetz Inc. announced its plans to expand from 394 stores to 500 stores within the next three years. They will focus on the South with heavy expansion into North Carolina and West Virginia.

So in the context of these ambitious goals, on November 2nd they announced their leadership succession plan to go into affect in October of 2013."Current President and CEO, Stan Sheetz, will move into the role of Chairman, while Steve Sheetz, will leave his Chairman seat to fill a newly created position of Family Council Chairman."Joe Sheetz, current Executive VP of Finance and Store Development, will be the new President and CEO. Yes, Sheetz Inc. is a family owned company.[2]

Shuffling the leadership is a classic move as the strategic needs of an organization change. How will Joe's skills impact their reinvention and innovation? Where do his specific competencies meet the company's needs? What does innovation look like in the convenience industry of gasoline and road-side service? No matter what the future, I'm sure a Made-to-Order strategy will be needed.

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