Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Companies only respond to 5% of all their Facebook Wall questions on average

According to this week’s assigned article What happens next? (page 14),
                “Technological change is altering behavior once thought impossible to shift. For example: Americans now spend 30% more time reading than they did a decade ago, thanks to the explosion of text messaging, e-mail, and social networking. These avid readers are also writing.”

Furthermore, the What happens next? article suggests that “Companies everywhere are struggling both to capture the benefits of this always-on, user-driven world- and to contain the damage.” (page 14)
This struggle to capture the benefits and mitigate the damage is clearly evident in the online article

Interestingly, this article’s study results show that “companies only respond to 5% of all their Wall questions on average.” This does vary widely by industry, as the chart shows, however this overall average is very low.

What potential short-term and long-term harm are companies doing to themselves by only responding to roughly 5% of its Facebook wall posts by consumers? Is there any good that comes from this strategy of not responding to 95%? If so, what would these be? If you ran a company, disregarding industry, what would your personal stance be on this issue?

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