Sunday, June 10, 2012


As companies continue to implement changes to further reduce costs, consumers are routinely put in the middle for results-testing. CEOs today need to make creative, innovative changes by experimenting to find the right solution for their company in providing new products and services for its customers. In order to make changes, companies know that customer feedback is necessary in order to implement change.

In the article, “Capitalizing on Capabilities” by Dave Ulrich and Norm Smallwood, the capabilities of a company are its intangible assets and some companies do not take this into account because of the difficulty to measure its contents. Companies that collaborate and connect with customers can build trusting relationships and in the end save time and money.

Over the next year, Port Authority of Allegheny County is recruiting volunteers to test their new ConnectCard electronic fare collection system.  I’ve noticed riding the bus over the past couple months that University of Pittsburgh faculty, staff, and students are testing the system. The ConnectCard microchips are embedded in the UPITT identification cards for use on buses and bus way vending machines. If this new system is implemented, it can help reduce costs for the company. For customers, it may increase convenience and speed of processing, but will the savings to Port Authority be able to bring back bus routes, so the elderly and reliant disadvantaged people have access to public transportation? Maybe, Port Authority is working on a new strategic plan and will be able to come up with further innovative solutions, so buses will become available on those discontinued routes.

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