Tuesday, June 19, 2012


 In Japan, men’s brassiere becomes very popular recently. This may be unbelievable happening for American people. In fact, I was also surprised when I saw such kind of articles at first. Initially, some people asked “Why aren’t there any brassieres for MEN?”, then, Wish Corporation which was Japanese underwear providing company produced men’s brassiere. After I read the reading “Blue Ocean Strategy”, I think this men’s brassiere can be good example for the strategy.

As you know, Blue Ocean Strategy is explained as follows. In the environment of existing market, companies cannot avoid their competition each other, for example, price, function, quality, and so on. Such kind of environment is called “Red Ocean”. To avoid such competition, the company reconsiders about its commercial products. In this process, the company thinks the product’s value “eliminating”, “decreasing”, “increasing” and “adding”, after that, the company can create new market which there is no competitors. Such kind of market is so called “Blue Ocean”.

 I would like to analyze men’s brassiere by using blue ocean strategy. In these days, Japanese women want to show beautiful their busts shape, so, Japanese underwear companies compete how customers can achieve the function of approaching each woman’s bust well and lifting up woman’s busts well. Such kind of process is unbelievable for American women, however, those are the important points for Japanese women. As a result, the Japanese underwear companies invest a lot of money to develop “Well approaching and lifting up” function for women’s brassiere. This kind of environment seems to be Red Ocean. On the other hand, men don’t have busts like women, so the Wish Corporation doesn’t need to develop “Well approaching and lifting up” function. This means Wish can reduce its cost to compete against other underwear companies. Therefore, Wish reduces the development cost, and the company creates men’s brassiere market by providing new value for men at the same time. I think we can say such kind of new men’s brassiere market is Blue Ocean.

 How is the men’s brassiere in the future? How does another company move forward? Anyway, I think Wish can improve the Blue Ocean Strategy. Wish can be “eliminating” and “decreasing” brassiere’s “Well approaching and lifting up” function, so it can reduce cost. However, Wish also can be “increasing” and “adding” the value or function for men’s brassiere. For example, aroma fragrance brassiere is also possible idea. Most of men put on men’s brassiere because they can feel comforted and secure. Aroma fragrance with men’s brassiere is also effective way to feel better. In addition, healthy brassiere is also good idea. For example, the healthy brassiere has a function that man can set straight his position, then, the man’s health situation can be improved. How do you think? Do you want to put men’s brassiere on? By the way, I have not bought it yet.


Rakuten Market, Wishroom

Why? The real reason that men’s brassieres are sold very well.

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