Friday, April 6, 2012

Right leaders, Right Way (#3)

When I read the first article for next week class, I was thinking I would like to talk about Cisco and China’s Huawei. However, the article called Do you have the right leaders for your growth strategies? reminded me of my recent experience and then I decided to discuss it.

When it comes to leadership, it is true that leadership quality is critical to growth strategies because the strategies and the performance of the whole organization depend on the insights of the executives. However, it is very hard for an individual leader to possess all the capacities which define a great leader. It is one of the reasons why it takes a mix of leaders and talent to operate the organization and pursue a variety of growth strategies simultaneously.

The organization where I am working as Associate Operation Director is a preparing for a two-day Summit in late April. The organization has a mix of leaders and talent, who are pursuing growing revenue to balance the operation cost. When I refer to the table that compares technical and social skill sets at individual and organizational levels of analysis (Capitalizing on Capabilities), I found most of our leaders have strong technical expertise in certain areas such as fundraising, IT, operation, and public affairs, which laid a foundation for the event. However, in terms of social/ individual sectors, the lack of individual leadership abilities gave rise to a team’s low efficiency and poor organization’s capacities.

The eight leadership competencies work independently but also have an influence on each other. With poor insights of the potential market, the team made the inappropriate marketing strategies and spent more time remedying the deficiency. Since all of us are volunteers and the good outcome is what we are working hard for, the low income of ticket selling is very frustrating and has a bad impact on the team’s morale. How to motivate the team members should be the leaders’ responsibilities, which are related to team leadership and collaboration and influencing. Due to limited time and a large structure with over 70 team members, the leaders offered few opportunities of communication and collaborations between departments to strengthen the internal cohesive force. The lack of collaborations contributed to the current low efficiency and burdening the leaders, so they had to spend more time on coordination. I think it would greatly enhance the organizational capability if all the team members can work effectively and efficiently. Besides, the organization is results-oriented and pursuing a high customer impact. We have already invited world-renowned speakers and arranged the competitions and career fairs what our target market are looking for. The outcome of the strategies for this part has been acknowledged. The only problems are how to better convey these core values and maximize the human capital value. There is no doubt that such effectiveness and efficiency and the right way to move further are up to our leaders!

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