Friday, April 27, 2012

A Really Example on Organizational Effectiveness Analysis

For over one month, I worked in a student organization, preparing for a big event. The articles and the topic for this week recalled all my memory about the preparation. I think it is interesting to use some of the traits of organizational effectiveness to analyze the current situation in our organization. Even though what I discuss here is more like vision or plan execution instead of strategy execution, I think the traits can also apply to our execution.

The event we are preparing is the first CMU Summit (in our area) and it consists of several departments – five panels, Marketing, Operation, Public Relations, showcase, case competition and sponsor team. Last December, when the organization was just set up, it was small and the responsibilities were divided by several people. However, when it grew bigger and had more and more teams, it was very likely that the tasks overlapped. So it works better when everyone has a clear definition of his or her tasks since everyone has a good idea of the decisions and actions for which he or she is responsible. In our operation team, one of my colleagues always would like to help with some trifles instead of taking charging of certain major parts. After she was assigned a big task of registration, she took the leadership and contributed a lot to the whole team with good actions. I think a clear definition of the team tasks can not only facilitate the team work but also let the team members feel valued and motivated them a lot.

It is a difficult task to keep information flowing freely and efficiently across organizational boundaries, especially for a team with part-time team members. I am in charge of the hotel reservation and transportation service for all the speakers who were invited by all the panel leaders. How to keep information flowing quickly from panel leaders to me and then to the hotel remains a big problem. The Communication between me and five panel leaders lowered down the process of hotel reservation and only two days before the check-in date, the information of all the speakers were settled down accurately. I think the moves that a standing performance-management meeting can be placed regularly, which helped create a forum for exchanging and updating information face-to-face and discussing the outstanding issues. And most importantly, their attendance should be strictly required.

The clear decision rights of our organization are worthy mentioned here. All the decisions were made by our president, vice president of speakers and vp of operations. It seemed that they need to made critical decisions every day. However, actually the vice president could easily made decision based on analysis provided by the subordinates and what they need to do is to pick up the one that met their visions.

It will be a lot if I combine the organization status quo with all the traits of organizational effectiveness, so I just listed three of them. And I realized that the traits can be good metrics to measure the performance of the organizations whether they are private companies, nonprofit organziations and even student organizations.

Xin Wan

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