Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Strategic Direction for RIM

After reading the articles for this week, which focused on different types of strategies as well as strategy failures, I saw the article, “RIM Said to Discuss Hiring Bank to Weigh Strategy Options,” in the Washington Post [1].  The options include licensing deals for RIM’s Blackberry operating systems, trying to get more money out of its valuable messaging service and patents portfolio, and other sales, partnerships, or joint ventures. 
Reading this article made me think of this week’s reading, Seven Ways to Fail Big [2].  It seems promising that RIM is taking the time and making an appropriate strategic decision to complement its plan to increase efforts focused at business customers.  “Stubbornly staying the course” [2] is listed as one way to fail big.  RIM has seemed to realize that simply staying the course is not an option.  The company seems to realize that although it is having difficulty competing with Apple’s iPhones and Google’s Android software, it does have valuable assets that if utilized appropriately may have a positive impact. 
It will be interesting to see the new strategic direction that RIM and its financial advisors decide upon and if the company is able to see this strategy to fruition.  What strategic direction do you think RIM will choose?

[1] Saitto, S., & Miller, H. (2012, Apr 17). RIM said to discuss hiring bank to weigh strategy options. The Washington Post. Retrieved from http://washpost.bloomberg.com/Story?docId=1376-M2L6D70UQVI901-4QH7ECJEA8J687KA43GJ19UI2R
[2] Carroll, P. B., & Mui C. (2008, September). Seven ways to fail big. Harvard Business Review, p. 1-13. 

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