Tuesday, April 10, 2012

AT&T: Adjusting to Shifts in the Marketplace

AT&T...Rethink possible. This campaign was initiated back in April 2010 to promote AT&T as an "innovator in telecommunications for consumer and business customers." Two years later, AT&T has included an additional element to the campaign, "Rethink possible: It's what you do with what we do." The changes that AT&T has made to its campaign reflects the shift in the marketplace, specifically the increased integration, and perhaps dependence, of technology into our lives. For example, individuals are using mobile applications to control the temperature within their homes remotely. 

It important to note the subtle changes made with the campaign. AT&T is not conducting a radical change to it; rather, the quote "It's what you do with what we do" indicates AT&T's acknowledgement to the changing telecommunication marketplace. AT&T understands that consumers value simplicity, value-added, productivity, and customer-centric.

AT&T's adjustment to the shifts in the marketplace is a good extension to our conversation regarding industry dynamics and trends. Even for a large player like AT&T, it is imperative that companies stay up-to-date with industry trends because things change very quickly. A company's vulnerability becomes another company's opportunity. Thus, as we begin formulate our recommendations, it is important for us to consider the market response and dynamics. What should we be anticipating? Granted it might not work out the way we anticipate, but it's better than coming unprepared. 

Elliott, Stuart. As Technology Evolves, AT&T Adjusts a Theme. New York Times. April 9 2012. 

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