Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Strategic Planning for Health IT Firms

As the health IT world is ever growing and more competitive, each company is trying to develop the most innovative strategic initiatives to provide the best IT services to their consumers.  With health care reform, changing delivery models, new forms of payment, and quality performance indicators and incentives, health care entities must continually realign their strategy plans.

According the article "Practical Techniques for Strategic Planning in Healthcare Organizations", a company with over 3,000 employees spends an average of $3.1M to produce a strategic plan, with little or no return. As in the readings, it says that strategic planning is ultimately the responsibility of the senior management team. In fact, 87% of healthcare leaders indicate strong alignment between their organizational and IT strategic plans. Successful strategic planning improvement techniques involve creating a sense or urgency and a vision, perform a strategic analysis and strategy formulation, and finally implementation planning.

Aspen Advisors, a health IT consulting firm, has been recently successful in improving their strategies to maintain the highest levels of optimization.  They have created 9 different sectors in their strategy department, including planning and visioning, meaningful use analysis, system selection and procurement, IT performance assessment, in/outsourcing feasability and planning, new and expansion facility technology planning, hospital/physician affiliate strategy, HIE planning, and health reform/ACO planning.  With these 9 very specific sectors, Aspen strives to maintain improvements for any issue at hand and for diverse health care settings to adapt to any organization's needs.  They strive to bring the right people together with the skill set and knowledge base to achieve optimal results.

In the article "Information Technology Planning Approach and Concepts" from The Healthcare Information Technology Planning Fieldbook: Tactics, Tools and Templates for Building Your IT Plan, they state that a best practice planning approach for IT firms is that of beginning with the end in mind.  Firms need to start with an ultimate goal at hand in order to successfully plan and implement their strategies for each different business.

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