Saturday, November 12, 2011

Strategic Plan of Action : Getting it Right

When faced with problems, there are MANY avenues to achieve
a solution. The quality of the solution however is determined by how we chose to
travel the road to get there. Many
times, because of inadequate analysis in determining a proper strategy,
solutions fail in business organizations resulting in the decrease in profits
or just flat out losses. Now this only highlights the importance in developing
a robust and well-tuned strategy for a determined period of time into the
Here is a quick synopsis that represents my views on what
approaching an efficient strategy should entail.
Conversation : This should involve
all stakeholders in a project or organization that have close involvement with
the organization’s work both on the ground, and in senior management positions
Planning : This is involved in the conversation where critical questions
are asked about future goals and achievements of the organization. We also
reflect on past experiences and identify mistakes made in the past and see how the present situation and market
can allow the achievement of desired goals in a specific timeframe.
Activity : This involves the proper implementation of the strategy in the
market place. With this, it is critical that staff and all other stakeholders
are on board, and there is a convincing buy in from the implementers of the
mandate. Only with this will the desired success be realized.
Monitoring : This speaks to the supervision of implementation to ensure
that there is no deviation from the agreed strategy of the organization. This
aspect ensures that the strategy is in keeping with the core mission of the
company and the path is not changed unless the team decides to revise and revisit
the strategy in its entirety
Analysis : While the activities stated above are carried out, there is constant
insight into what the Market or Environment is showing. This is done so that
the organization knows when to revise a strategy or to push ahead. This
heightens the probability for success in achieving certain goals in the market
under the current strategy.

This is a general overview of how strategy should be
approached and can be applied to many industries in the world economy.

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