Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mapping your perspective

The McKinsey Quarterly "Remapping your strategic mind-set" was particularly interesting to me, because I had seen "rooted" maps used in research before but never fully understood the strategic implications of viewing a map from a specific perspective. I recently studied impact of malnutrition and hunger globally, and came across this rather interesting (what I know know to be "rooted") map.

Often, for many Americans, world hunger and undernourishment are presented as distant, impersonal concepts that happen to people half way across the world. Most children raised in America have never known real hunger and it is hard to truly conceptualize how much of the modern world lives with the reality of undernourishment every day.

I think this map fully captures the disproportion of today's undernourished and how certain regions are more heavily affected then others.

This discovery kind of sent me on a "rooted" map quest and here are a few of the more interesting findings.

Malaria, a disease thought to be irradicated on much of the planet still is a signficant force on the African continent.

The world's carbon footprint by country. You can see some countries are bigger culprits than others.
And as a fun perspective on history and the dispersion of wealth:

1500 -

And present day -

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