Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Strategy Implementations Top 10 Checklists

The implementation of strategy on a company has a huge impact on its overall success. Good strategy would not materialize unless it is successfully implemented. Given that so many efforts were poured in formulating the strategies, it is only fair that the strategy implementations are given the same attention.

Based from the article “Strategy implementation – an insurmountable obstacle?” by Andreas Raps, I want to share the top ten checklists when implementing strategy.

1. Commitment Of Top Management

This is certainly a must for strategy implementation. Top managers must display their enthusiasm and readiness to commit to the implementation process. At the same time, they also should demonstrate an optimistic behavior to motivate the employees.

2. Involve Middle Manager’s Valuable Knowledge

Strategy implementation is not a top-down-approach. The success of any implementation effort depends on the level of involvement of middle managers. Therefore it is crucial in making sure that these managers know that they are an important part of the implementation process.

3. Communication Is What Implementation Is All About

Two-way communication with employees during and after strategy implementations process is a key success factor within strategy implementation because feedbacks at these both times are vital to successfully implement the strategy.

4. Integrative Point Of View

Strategy implementation requires an integrative point of view between organizational structures; cultural aspects and the human resources perspectives. Integration allows all the important scopes are not left behind while development for implementation activities.

5. Clear Assignment Of Responsibilities

Action plan with clear assignments of responsibilities regarding detailed implementation activities is a must when executing strategy so that potential problems are avoided.

6. Preventive Measures Against Change Barriers

Company must be equipped with preventive measures because more often then not implementation of the strategy can lead to a complete collapse of the earlier formulated strategy. By preparing precautionary procedures, company can effectively changes those obstacles into successful execution.

7. Emphasize Teamwork Activities

Teamwork plays an important role within the process of strategy implementation because obviously, executing company’s strategy is not a one-man or one –woman show.

8. Respect The Individuals’ Different Characters

To successfully implement the company’s strategy, it is advantageous to create a fit between specific personality profiles of the implementation’s key players in the different organizational departments. This mainly due to the fact that different individual usually require different management styles.

9. Take Advantage Of Supportive Implementation Instruments

To smooth the progress of the implementation, some implementation instruments such as balanced scorecard or supportive software solution should be applied to support the implementation processes.

10. Calculate Buffer Time For Unexpected Incidents

While estimating the time frame to implement the strategy, it is wise to find out the time-intense activities and synchronize them with the time capacity and taking into account for unexpected incidents that might occur at any time.

Source :

DOI: 10.1108/08944310510557152 (Permanent URL)

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