Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BSC in the public sector

BSC is one the tools used in measuring performance in the organization where I work – public sector. Our initial decision to use BSC was to look at the impact of government strategies and policies on the services provided to the public. Everywhere in the world, public services performance are evaluated and scrutinized by the public. Governments produced a lot of reports in order to give the people a better perspective that by implementing new strategies and policies, those policies could change the services provided and further improve their effectiveness.

I personally think it was a good idea but things were not easy when we first use BSC. There were a lot of things that we need to redefine in order to make BSC works in the government sector as BSC were designed to be use in the private sector.

I would like to share articles by Paul Arveson that has helped me in understanding on how to implement BSC in the public sector. I would recommend these articles even if you are not in the public sector, just as an eye-opener. Those articles acted as guidelines on where to start and how public sector differs from private sector. But keep in mind as you read, as mentioned earlier, there are other things to consider and redefine especially when you are identifying the four perspectives and four processes.



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