Sunday, May 29, 2011

Balanced Scorecard institute

The reading on Balanced Scorecard is very interested to me. From my point of view, develop an appropriate strategy is only the first step. How to make the strategy “make sense” for the organization, and be able to be applied to the daily operation, served as a decision-making tool is another important part. The Balanced Scorecard is a good stepping stone to make strategy smoothly proceed from the first step to the second.

I found an organization serving as a strategy consulting company, and targeting providing Balanced Scorecard as the solution. Their link can be retrieved from:

I recommended this institute because they are focused and experienced in this area. While many consulting firm working on strategy development using different tools, Balanced Scorecard Institute is focusing only on Balanced Scorecard. They may lose clients need a general strategy development, but they well caught this particular methods. The positioning of Balanced Scorecard Institute itself is very unique. With their unique position, Balanced Scorecard Institute has consulted for hundreds of organizations among over 40 countries. Because their rich experiences, Balanced Scorecard Institute also provide training and certification on this area. I would recommend my colleagues who are interested in having strategy development as their future job and with special interest on Balanced Scorecard taking a look at this institute. They provide abundant resources like book, materials, courses and software that can be access easily, though a little bit costly.

Reference: Institute, T. B. (2011). About The Balanced Scorecard Institute. Retrieved May 28, 2011, from The Balanced Scorecard Institute:

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