Tuesday, April 19, 2011

From Strategy to implementation

According to the article “From Strategy to Implementation”, Strategy is nothing but hot air if equal or greater attention is not given to the harder and less glamorous work of implementation. Implementation describes the concrete measures that translate strategic intent into actions that produce results.

The rate of successful implementation is only 10% to 30%. While implementing a strategy it is important to consider every component because implementation of a strategy requires an integrative point of view. We should consider not only the organizational structure but also cultural and human resource aspects.
The key factors for success are
Every organization possesses shared beliefs and values which is known as the culture of the organization. To implement strategy successfully, the senior employees should not assume that the junior employees would have the same perception of the strategic plan as theirs. They may have a different understanding on the implementation, the underlying reason and the urgency. Hence, alignment of implementation among all the employees in the hierarchy is critical.

The main reason of implementation failure is that assignments of responsibilities is not clear. Also, employees tend to think from only their department point of view. So, cross functional relations are critical for an implementation effort.

For effective strategic implementation, there should be a proper fit between intended strategy and the personality of the specific people who are crucial to the implementation of the strategy throughout the various departments of the organization. Teamwork plays a very important role in the implementation of the strategy.

A key function for top management is to assess the performance of the strategy during and after implementation. Balance score card and other supportive software solutions can be helpful for this assessment.

A well-formulated strategy followed by successful implementation can have an enormous impact on the company’s success.

What could be one of the major causes of Implementation failure?

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