Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Agility and Innovation: Google as a Case Study (blog 3, Juli Digate)

In this week's article, "Competing through organizational agility" by Donald Sull, we see that to be sucessful in today's market companies need to be agile. In other words, they need to be able to "identify and capture opportunities more quickly than rivals do." Companies can have strategic, portfolio, and/or operational agility.

Google is a company that I would argue is particularly agile. They are constantly innovating and breaking into markets. They aren't just a search engine - but have email, an online library, a social networking arm (orkut, Google's facebook, is especially popular abroad), and now they are looking into streaming music. The company's ability to seek out new opportunities represents a strategic agility that is admirable.

Can you think of other companies that are particularly agile? Do you think Google's success stems from it's agility, or from other factors? How much of a role do you think agility should play in a company's strategic plan?

Another article on organizational agility can be found here:

To read more about Google's new music streaming venture, go here:

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