Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reinventing Business by Having Employee Value Propositions

I read a Deloitte Consulting article about the importance of reinventing business by having employee value propositions that are in accordance with the values and strategic plans of organizations. Like this week readings, this Deloitte article stresses the importance of communication strategic plans with employees and linking these plans with the values of the organization. In congruence with our readings, the article advices top management to fulfill the values and the strategic plans of organization within the organization and with it clients. The article suggests that in the current economy companies should aim to reinvent themselves having in mind the benefit of employees. According to the article, it is important to harness and nurture employees because employees are the ones responsible for rainmaking. The article also warns that if this reinvention is not linked and done in accordance to the values and plans of the organization it will fail.
I do not agree in full with this article because it seems that the article overemphasizes the importance of nurturing employees so much that it neglects the role of customers in the reinvention process. However, I fully agree with the importance of keeping the organizations strategy in accordance with the values of the organization and ensuring the implementation of the strategic plan by involving employees in every stage of the process.


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