Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Impact of Web 2.0 Technologies

The advent of Web 2.0 technologies has changed the way people collaborate having far-reaching socio-economic impacts. Knowledge is no longer constrained by geographies or demographics. Anyone and everyone, with access to the internet, can now collaborate with people across the globe, each contributing in his/her own unique way. As a result, the world structure has become more ‘flat’ now then ever before.

Social media is having great social impact across geographies. For example, people in developing nations now feel more as the part of global community. People with common interests can now connect irrespective of the demographics. It gives them a whole new perspective of what’s happening across the globe. This exchange of ideas has also helped clear pre-conceived notions about other cultures. In my opinion, people are gradually becoming more tolerant and accepting of other cultures/religions/countries. Social media is acting as a great ‘leveler’ and will eventually leading to a more harmonized world.

Gone are the days when knowledge was the privilege of chosen few who had access to education and better amenities. In today’s networked world, information is much more easily distributed and understood. Web 2.0 technologies are empowering people in more ways than one. In my opinion, the biggest strength lies in knowledge sharing and what could be a better example than Wikipedia, the largest online encyclopedia. People can now connect in hundred different ways to collaborate and work together. Even a simple idea can turn into a business opportunity. The Web 2.0 technologies have greatly increased the scope of what we typically call a marketplace. The whole networked community has become a huge market place with no supplier or buyer too big or too small. This has completely changed the way we do business and has forced some of the largest organizations to re-align themselves to the changing market dynamics.

Do you think that Web 2.0 is a force to reckon with and is greatly affecting a change in social and economic fabric of the world ?

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